From Circle Track to Drag Racing

We’re now offering Powerglides built with the quality we’re known for. From a basic stout unit built for the circle-track racers to an all-out piece built for drag racing with ALL new components. Most units will be custom built, so the best way for us to help you is to call us or email with what you are looking for and we’ll put together a build list/quote. We will also be offering PowerGlide components for those who want to rebuild or repair their own.


Powerglide Build Options

Price Build Type Build Description
$1650 Circle Track Powerglide OEM 1.82 gearset, case, pan, all new friction materials, forward pattern manual valve body, new shift lever, brass screen filter, blueprinted pump, and can be setup for a converter or direct drive. 1.76 ratio optional.
$2000 Budget Drag Racing Powerglide OEM case, 1.76 gearset, stock length, dual ring billet servo, steel clutch hub, HyTuf input shaft in PG or Turbo spline, 6 clutch direct and reverse, standard transbrake, deep aluminum pan, all new frictions, steels, band, and brass screen filter. Rated at 600 HP
$2750 Sportsman Drag Racing Powerglide Similar to the Budget unit but will include an upgraded 1.80 ratio gearset and Pro-tree transbrake. Rated at 900 HP.
$4350 Super-Competition Powerglide SFI spec case, Pro-Tree brake, 1.80 gearset, Vasco Input shaft, dual ring servo, billet servo cover, upgraded clutch count, blueprinted pump. 1200+ HP capable.
$5650 Pro-Glide New SFI spec case, bell, new tailhousing, Pro-Tree transbrake, deep aluminum pan, aerospace grade input, new pump, new 10 clutch high drum, all new frictions, steels, band, servo, servo cover, shift lever, etc. Built with all new parts Capable of 2000 HP in most applications.


Shipping is $200 within the continental United States.