Our Process

Our facility is in an 11,000 sq ft building about an hour North of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex just off I-35 in Sanger. We have full rebuild, repair, machining, welding, and testing capabilities that include 4 manual lathes, a CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, MIG/TIG welders, media blasting, aqueous spray wash cabinets, solvent and aqueous parts washers, transmission dyno, 3 vehicle lifts, torque converter rebuilding equipment, and more.

We begin the transmission rebuild process by selecting cores for rebuild.

We unload the cores at the shop. They are then disassembled in the teardown area. The parts are inspected and discarded if they are unserviceable or don’t meet our specifications. The cases go through a thorough cleaning process and are then prepped and painted. The internals are washed in solvent or hot detergent and compressed air and placed in a container to go to the build area.

When an order is placed, we select a core based on the customer’s needs, and begin the build. Our builders receive the order worksheet, pull the parts and core, and start assembly. Assembly includes double checking each part for cleanliness and serviceability, machining of parts for modifications, clutch pack clearance, endplay, and normal rebuild practices.

After the transmission is built, it is moved to the dyno area. It is tested on the dyno for proper pressure, converter and lube circuit pressure and flow, all gears, shift quality, converter lockup and transbrake function if applicable, unusual noises or operation, and leaks. Then it is packaged for shipment.