With our decades of combined experience…
We know exactly what we’re doing!

We’ve been building transmissions almost exclusively for GM rear wheel drive vehicles for over 25 years. We have proven expertise. We have transmissions in countries around the globe in applications ranging from stock muscle cars to 1500+ HP monster trucks and 2000-3000 HP drag cars. Our transmissions work and they work HARD.

We continuously test new products and design our own, as well. We specialize in automatic transmissions for BIG POWER on the street, drag strip, and offroad. If you have an 800-3000 HP street legal car, drag radial car, or weekend bracket racer and need an automatic transmission, give us a call!
We  can make the TH400 live at 1500 HP using an automatic valve body. Everybody else wants to use a full manual valve body at that power level. That’s because they don’t have the knowledge to make the transmission live using the valve body that GM designed.

Our 4L80 builds have been setting the standard for others to follow for a decade now. Our 4L80 transbrakes are the most popular item we sell. That’s because it blows the competition away on set and release times. Try it and you’ll never use a competitor’s transbrake again.

We also have the capability of building specialty transmissions for unusual combinations. Need a 4L80E behind a Mod Motor Mustang? We can do that!

All of our transmissions are built with all new friction materials, steel plates, bands, seals, filters, and soft parts at a minimum. Electronic units include new shift solenoids, manifold pressure switches, wiring harnesses, and sensors in most cases. We test all of our transmissions here, in house, before they sent out to our customers. We have a “mule” car to test our ideas and new parts before giving them to the customer. We dyno test all units before they ship.

We do multiple upgrades on every unit. GM automatics are our specialty and we know these units inside and out. We know what usually fails and why. We upgrade the known weak points to prevent common failures.

A typical transmission rebuild shop doesn’t build extra capacity into the transmission. They simply “rebuild” the unit and in many cases what they call a rebuild is replacing only the clutches that are burnt or worn. We replace all the wear items, replace thrust washers with bearings (rollerized), upgrade the hydraulics, clutch materials, clutch capacity, blueprint the clearances, and any unit specific upgrades to make the transmissions live.

90% of what we build is for 800+ HP applications. We also do builds for muscle car restoration where the case gets blasted to bare aluminum to appear new and stock.

We have extensive time studying and improving hydraulic circuits. Many shops just use another vendor’s pre-built valve bodies, transbrakes, and hard parts. We study the parts to look for improvements, select the better component, or design something that works better.

We build transmissions for all out strip cars as well as the mostly street riders. We can help you get an overdrive automatic in your older hot rod to transform it into a more drivable car with better fuel mileage, less wear and tear on the engine, and less noise at cruise.

We look forward to talking to you about your combo and helping you get the right transmission for your needs. Contact us today and let’s get started!