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4L80E Components

4L80E Full Manual Control

We offer a plug and play full manual control option for the 4L80E. Simple two wire hookup, 3 wires if you are using our transbrake. Cost is $200 plus $10 shipping in the cont. U.S. This is included for no charge with our full manual transmission builds.

4L80E Transbrakes 

Work with normal automatic computer controlled functions. It can be installed with the OEM GM electronics, aftermarket standalone controllers, or operated as a full manual shift setup without external controls using our full manual kit.
Our 4L80E transbrakes do not require a deep pan like our competitors.

We now offer two versions of the transbrake.

Our Pro "D3" 4L80E transbrake is designed to allow transbrake launch from any forward gear. It was designed with the automatic shift by PCM or controller in mind. Ideally it will be launched from the D3 shifter position and shifted by the controller. Activating the transbrake button is required for reverse function. It has a revolutionary design for 3rd gear feed. $650

Our "Manual Low" or D1 4L80E transbrake is the version that we are known for. Hard hitting, no compromise, take no prisoners design for the serious competitor who really only needs it to get down the track and is manually shifting. It will work with auto shift but must be in the D1 or manual low position to engage the transbrake. 

4L80E Optishift Standalone Controller
We are a dealer for the Baumann Electronics "Optishift" controller. We feel this is the best controller on the market. User friendly, excellent tech support, latest technology, and excellent pricing.
We match the MSRP of $590 and offer a discount with transmission purchase.
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